About Us

What is Instasure

Insurance sector is often characterized as traditional and conservative with limited capacities for a profound transformation. However, Instasure believe digitally-enhanced services are no longer a nice-to-have and it’s a shift no industry can ignore. The sector of insurance shouldn’t be an exception. With the purpose of reinventing insurance, we are trying to build first-ever ‘insurance-as-a-service’ platform in Bangladesh capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s Gen Z. Better cover for less cost and fast claim processing using technology. If this wasn’t enough, Instasure is removing all excess on claims and allowing you to switch your cover off and back on with the push of a button.


Why Instasure

It all has to do with machine learning technology/AI.

In order to trulyre Think insurance, Instasure has stripped away all the expenses and limitations we have come to accept from insurance companies. We wanted to look at how we could offer more cost-effective premiums, while improving convenience and general cover.

By creating an online automated system, we were able to remove all brokers and other unnecessary middlemen. Our proprietary AI/ machine learning algorithm analyze all possible scenario based on your handset & your personal profile and thus Instasure is able to offer all the bells and whistles that really improve our customers lifestyle, while reducing the cost of premiums per device and altogether removing excess on claims. Why not see how Instasure can add value to your life? Contact one of our consultants or channel partner today for a no obligation free quotation.