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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is instaSure?

instaSure  is a new generation insuretech platform proving low cost insurance solution and speedy claim process..

Is this service available all over Bangladesh?

Yes, the service is available all over Bangladesh.

What if I forget login Password?

Click on Forgot Password on ur app or instaSure website.

How do I contact instaSure for claim ?

For mobile phone visit the nearest brand support center or instasure support center. For theft, log in the platform and upload document. At the same time u have to send the original by courier to Instasure, House 60, Road 9 Block F, Banani, Dhaka 1212. Tel: 096 06 25 25 25. U can also mail to : claim

How secure is my data?

instaSure provide insurance for hardware only. Data is not included in present offer.

What type of document is required to buy mobile phone insurance :  

• Your name
• Your or any family member NID
• Your phone number
• IMEIA number of insured handset   

What type of document is required to buy international travel insurance :

Your name

Passport details

Travel period  

Which country u r travelling

Does my travel insurance include Covid protection:

During purchase u can choose with or without covid protection  

 What is the claim registration process for travel insurance?

Call or mail emergency support number from wherever u r. They will guide u the process if u insurance conmpany pay to hospital directly. Alternatively, u can also pay and make a claim with all supporting documents when u r at Bangladesh.


How much time is required for claim settlement  

For mobile phone, 1 working day if u submit the phone to our authorized service center. For theft, 15 working days. For international travel insurance, 30 working days after submission of all required documents.  

Can we purchase instasure online?

Yes, you can purchase it online by visiting Also, it can be purchased through various offline retailer and online shopping stores.

Which payment menthods can be used to purchase it?

You can purchase it using any bank Debit Card, Credit Card, MFS

Can instasure be purchased in bulk for corporates?

Yes. Call us at +88 096 06 25 25 25 or email us your query at

Can I buy instasure if I bring a handset from abroad ?

No. Instasure is only available to locally bought legal handset authorised by BTRC.

What is the validity of the insurance?

The validity of the insurance is 365 days from the invoice date of purchase.

Is this insurance valid for old mobiles as well?

Yes. This product is valid for new mobiles as well as max 13 months old mobile.

What are the Terms & Conditions of use for New Devices?

a) Activated policy cannot be cancelled or returned. It is transferable to another mobile
b) There is 30 days cooling period , which means no claim will be entertained in the first 30 days of activation.
c) There is 10% deductible. Which means in every claim 10% on approved value has to be paid  by customer, while rest 90% will be paid by instasure.

 d) Policy can be activated on Android, iOS, Windows
e) Policy is valid for all the mobile versions and is not device or version specific
f) maximum insurance value is the sum insured at the time of purchase.
h) Read insurance policy document for insurance related queries.

For Theft, approved insurer will get money refun based on depreciated value.  

What are the documents required for Theft claims?

a) Claim form/declaration duly filled and signed by the insured
b) Original invoice of the mobile
c) Original invoice/purchase copy of instasure
d) Original FIR
e) SIM replacement paper from telco with GD copy.

What are the documents required for Damage claims?

a) Claim form/declaration duly filled and signed by the insured
b) Original invoice of the mobile
c) Original invoice/purchase copy of syncNscan
d) Self-Attested photocopy of the Identity proof (NID)
e) Pictures of damaged device
f) Estimation of the repair bill of authorized service center

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