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Ready for a new take on insurance distribution?

Are you an insurance provider that wants to get your products in the hands of more customers, in the fast-growing digital world? Are you a company who would like to offer insurance products to your customers, but don’t know how to start? Are you a customer seeking multiple insurance solutions to suit your lifestyle needs, without having to apply to them all individually? Meet Instasure. Instasure is a technology platform that streamlines insurance distribution and enables businesses to offer a range of insurance products through a single channel. Want early access to Instasure? Please Contact Us.




Affiliate and Partner Program:

Do we partner with awesome businesses in our community? You bet we do. Whether you're in the mobile phone business, mobile phone repair shop, connecting with a customer base or providing a benefit to your employees, we are here to make that happen. Our process is as easy as breaking your phone and we have multiple ways to work with your customers and/or employees.

So what are you waiting for?