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Online travel insurance is so simple you can get it while waiting to your gate.

Emergency medical expcenses, flight delay reimbursement, adventure sports covers, and much more. And the best part? Emergency medical expenses, flight delay reimbursement, adventure sports covers, and much much more. And the best part is - with COVID Medical Coverage!!!


Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence. It provides key medical benefits in case of an emergency. Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, but unpredictable illnesses and accidents can happen. Even worse, the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming. The level of international medical coverage provided by your domestic insurance provider can vary greatly depending on your plan, so you may have very limited coverage or no coverage at all. A travel medical insurance plan can provide the coverage you need.

Travel medical coverage is ideal for:

  • International vacationers
  • Relatives visiting from overseas
  • People going on cruises, safaris or guided tours
  • International business travelers
  • Students studying abroad

Features Of International Travel Insurance

Your International Travel Insurance Policy Provides You With Safety And Comfort While You're Abroad. Here's A Look At The Features You Can Enjoy When You Purchase An International Travel Insurance from InstaSure:

Cover For Accidents And Sickness

Falling sick is always a terrible experience, but falling ill abroad is overwhelming. Our policy will help take care of the costs associated with getting treatment when you're ill. But that isn't all. An accident could lead to a short hospitalisation or could end up being fatal. Whatever happens, our international travel insurance plan will help you deal with the costs. From emergency medical treatment to medical evacuation and the repatriation of the insured's remains, we'll take care of everything.

Travel Assistance

Exploring a foreign country can be thrilling. But if something goes wrong, it can be downright scary. If you need any help to identify where you can get medical treatment or how to go about applying for a new passport if yours is lost or stolen, our international travel insurance plan will be there for you.

Baggage Loss Or Delay

If your bag is stolen, lost or delayed because it was sent to another location or unintentionally left behind, you don't need to break a sweat. Our international travel insurance policy will help you deal with the cost of purchasing necessary personal items or reimburse you for the cost of your lost luggage.

Automatic Extensions

If you happen to be hospitalised abroad when your international travel insurance policy is set to expire, we'll extend it for another 60 days or until you're discharged. If your flight home is delayed and there's no other way for you to get back home, we'll automatically extend our cover for another 7 days, so you don't have to worry about travelling without insurance.


Advantages Of InstaSure International Travel Insurance

1. COVID-19 Covered

When you're travelling abroad, we'll help you take care of the cost of treatment for COVID-19 if you test positive in the middle of your trip & require hospitalization

2. Pay In Taka Get Cover In Dollars

When you opt for an international travel insurance policy, your premiums are in Bangladeshi Taka, but you're covered in USD. So, you can rest easy knowing you'll get the cover you need at an affordable cost.

3. Affordable Policies

Our international travel insurance policies start at just BDTK 50 per day! That's a small price to pay for care-free travel!

4. Instant Policy Purchase

You can buy an InstaSure international travel insurance policy online with just a few easy clicks. We don't need extensive paperwork on a health check-up!